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This has been the weirdest day. Very tragic, but also the best day ever. It's so weird.

So, yesterday, my mother's diabetic cat Nemeaux was lethargic (Nemeaux is a chartreux, to give you a visual). I had been sleeping over my mom's house for the past three days or so because the water heater at my usual abode (my dad's house) had broken. My cat Bolero stayed at my father's house, though, so I still for the most part lived there whenever I wasn't at work. Anyway, I got out of bed around seven because I needed to pee (I was in bed around six because I had to go to work early in the morning the next day). I went into the bathroom and found Nemeaux on the floor looking awfully strange. He was in an unnatural and uncomfortable looking position. My mom was up, and I told her Nemeaux was looking weird. She said that she had noticed as well, and actually saw the he had been breathing heavily and panting with his eyes wide and his mouth open earlier. She was so terrified that he would die. By some lucky coincidence, my sister was just getting off work, so I called her and told her there was an emergency with Nemeaux to make sure she wouldn't dilly-dally. I probably shouldn't have, I scared the snot out of her. Mom called the vet's emergency line, and I'm not so sure what they said, but she apparently didn't bring Nemeaux to the vet until the next day (today) while I was at work. Apparently, neither she nor my brother were able to sleep at all because they were so worried about Nemeaux. When I got up to get ready for work, my brother was still snuggling Nemeaux on the couch.
I had a rough time at work. I accidentally handed a fellow the wrong sandwich through the drive-thru window and my coworker who made the sandwich was so mad at me, and another much newer coworker was mad at me even though she had nothing to do with the situation, it was second-hand anger I guess. She doesn't give two and a half shits about the company image, so I dunno what her problem was. The coworker who made the sandwich tends to hold grudges, so she was mad at me all day after that pretty much. Her hindsight really didn't help anything. I have an extremely thin skin and am very sensitive, so I was shaking a little and my chest hurt until about noon. Thankfully, that fellow came back in later in the day and I got the opportunity to remake his sandwich. Thank goodness, I'd rather correct my error than get away with it. He was real polite about it, so thank goodness for that too. I felt so bad. But, it was alright, around midshift when the majority of my coworkers left, I got to hang-out with a coworker I actually get along with. We talked about Pokémon, it was fantastic.
I left work around 2:15 pm. I went to my dad's house and picked up a check I received from the IRS because I over-paid a bill. They sent me back $200, wow! I wouldn't have over-paid it if their slow, bureaucratic asses had processed my previous payment sooner. I almost thought I was out of $450 after it took them weeks to respond to my full payment just to tell me I still owed the money I already sent them. Thank goodness that didn't happen. So, that was lovely.
I went back to my mom's house to pick up some laundry after depositing the check. I was about to move back to my dad's house because he had gotten the water heater fixed. By some miracle, it turned out the gas company was having some absurd sale on water heaters and installations to entice people to switch from electric to gas. We got a new heater and the installation for about a hundred bucks. According to my dad's experience, a water heater usually costs something like $700, let alone the labor costs. So, I suppose ours broke at a really good time, huh? Unfortunately, there's something wrong with the water pressure. If it persists, my father will be calling the company again to inquire about it.
I arrived at my mom's house to pick up the laundry. My brother was sleeping on the couch and my mom was sitting on the other end of the couch watching television (it's a very big couch). I asked her casually how Nemeaux was doing. She weakly and grimly muttered, "Nemeaux died". I didn't have any idea what to do, I just stood there in shock for a while. I went to my sister's room hoping to give her a hug, but she had already left for work.
... Apparently while I was gone, she, my brother, and my sister took Nemeaux to the vet and he just didn't last through their treatments. They suspect he might've had a brain tumor. They hadn't detected it sooner because he also was diabetic, so most of his symptoms were assumed to the diabetes instead of the suspected tumor. Nothing could have been done, anyway. After just standing in shock for a minute, my mother asked me if I'd like to visit Nemeaux at the vet before they send him off to be cremated. I told her yes, and she asked when, so I said, "right now". She got up and we left immediately. It felt like such a long drive. It's not too far to the vet, but it felt like I drove for an hour before we finally arrived. The vet let us in to see him, and well... there was a lot of crying.
We had Nemeaux since he was a kitten, maybe about three months old. My mother was headed home from work or something when she came across some people outside in the parking lot with a stray kitten. They weren't sure where the kitten came from, and he had apparently been hanging out in the area. The people offered to give him to her, and my mom decided to take Nemeaux on a whim. The kitten actually jumped into her car upon his own volition and slept in the passenger seat all the way home. He was completely content with her taking him. At the time, we had an unfinished bathroom by our kitchen, and she hid him in there for maybe a day or two (I forgot why, maybe she didn't want him fighting our other cats?). My brother walked outside and heard meowing, which was when he noticed Nemeaux in the window of the unfinished bathroom. He asked me, "Why is there a little, grey kitten in the bathroom?" I was like, "What are you talking about?" At first I thought he meant a stuffed animal or something, it's not like getting a new cat and not knowing about it was a likely scenario. Mom eventually spilled the beans that she picked up a new kitten the other day. So, it's kinda like Nemeaux was my mom's little secret. Nemeaux was my mother's favorite. Honestly, I'm more hurt on my mother's behalf than I am from losing a family member. Sorry if I sound insensitive about it, I'm just... kinda in shock. It hasn't really sunk-in.
I kinda suspected it might happen soon. He really was not doing well. He had developed some serious health problems much sooner than any of our other cats. He was maybe only eleven or twelve when he passed. Our cats typically live into the late teens and early twenties. We have another cat, Fluffy, who is actually considerably older who is still alive. He also witnessed another one of our younger cats die much earlier than expected, back in 2012. That was a very tragic day. We like to say Fluffy is the immortal kitty because he's so old now but still has kitten-like tendencies and has out-lived two younger cats now. Honestly though, I think he's becoming a bit senile. He's been behaving strangely lately and is feeling kinda ratty.
Well, I kinda got all the tears out already. I'm writing this more for archival purposes more so than to be comforted. Still, I suppose you might find it kinda fascinating.
It doesn't end there, though. I finished moving back into my father's house, and went on Tumblr, where I found a post about something The Wonderful 101 related, what else? I was aware this was happening a day or so ago, but apparently someone made a model of Wonder-Red for Source Filmmaker. I was pretty excited when I first heard about it, but my gosh, I wasn't aware of the level of effort and detail they were putting into it. If you don't know what Source Filmmaker (SFM) is, it's a unique animation program that's... well, it's hard to describe without having to describe a bunch of other things. I dunno how to put it into words. Either way, it made me beyond happy. They made this fantastic preview video for the model. They included all these lovely images on its Steam Workshop page, there's even an unmasked version if you catch my drift. Oh gosh, it's got me so giddy, I can't even look at it. I haven't been so giddy since the first time I saw unmasked Wonder-Red. I downloaded SFM today, like, immediately after seeing the finished model because I have to play with him. Does anyone know if I can use the model in GMod, too? I don't know much about SFM to be honest, it would just be easier for me to play with in GMod.
Oh boy!!!
Tell me this isn't the coolest damn thing you'd ever seen: [link]
I feel like I've been given a gift.

What a roller-coaster of a day.

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