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I had a dream the other night that Mr. Wedgewood sent me a picture message to my phone of some funny photo of himself upon which he added impact font to create a meme. It was really funny. I don't remember what it said, but the picture was of him standing on a dock looking really angry. He thought it was hilarious, so he wanted to show me.

So I just beat The Wonderful 101 earlier today (very light spoilers ahead, like barely even spoilers).
I can pretty much confirm it's the best game ever (I can also confirm that Wonder Red continues to be the best character ever, as well). I wouldn't just highly suggest it, I'd say you are obligated to play it. You're really missing out if you don't.
There are scenes in that game so intense that I would start breathing heavily like I just ran away from an angry bear. There's this part at the end where you have to tap the A button wildly, and it's so intense that you're practically screaming like you're going super-saiyan, then the camera perspective shifts briefly so you can see the seven main Wonderful Ones inside the giant robot they're piloting, and they're all wildly tapping buttons along with you, and it's precious. I really felt like I was with them, and they were with me.
I accumulated a little less than 15 hours playing it. What part of that was gameplay and what was just looking at the extra content, I don't know.
I can say I am not in the least bit disappointed. Things played out differently than the fans made me expect. Although, I kinda wish I didn't spoil it up to a little after the part where you meet Wonder Black. As cool as it looked, I wasn't a big fan of Operation-007, it was kinda repetitive. I also admit the game is severely flawed in the way first-time players will have a real hard time doing simple tasks. My examples would be that during a QTE, the Unite Glider can't be drawn on the gamepad for some inexplicable reason, and has to be drawn with the right analog stick. At least that happened to me once, after that I never tried drawing it again, so I don't know if it just doesn't work for that one QTE or what. There's also the camera, which for the most part is just fine, but it's really the depth perception that's the issue. Sometimes, I wouldn't realize how close or far something was. This happened when there was a platform I had to jump on to avoid death, but I couldn't tell how far it was and each time I ended up falling until, like, the eleventh try. Thankfully failing a QTE, it just takes a little bit of your health (or in this game's case, "vitality") away. I'd also like to mention there are a lot of little bugs, like sometimes the frame rate cuts drastically. I noticed this happening a lot during the credits sequence where there's these newspapers flying around. Sometimes character models will bounce all over the place and flicker. There's one scene where you can take control of P-Star (a cute, flying robot friend) and when you die, P-Star appears under the spotlight crying like the Wonderful Ones do when they die, but for some reason is crying in Wonder Red's voice and it's really awkward, like they forgot to program him to cry in beeping noises. Thankfully I have never found any really hindering glitches, though. Just little, mostly cosmetic ones.
I will say though, that despite the many complaints about the controls I hear from reviewers, I'd say the controls are flawless (aside from it reading Unite Whip often when I'm trying to draw Unite Hammer or Unite Claws). I mean super smooth, fun, and easy once you understand them. It takes a while to really grasp the vast amount of abilities you posses. Not only are there 17 different Unite Morphs you can do (about 13 are actually used regularly, and that sounds like a lot, but you learn them eventually), but there are also "custom blocks" that give you other abilities, such as healing/charging while attacking (which I highly suggest buying from the Wonderful Mart. Seriously, if you have the "attack liner" and the "energy converter", I guarantee you will never die against Vorkken again). The game is constantly switching things up, no two boss battles resemble each other even slightly. The punishment for death is also extremely light, like all it really does is damage your score. When you respawn, you respawn right where you were with all your progress still intact. If you're in a fight, you don't lose your progress when you die. It may seem challenging, but only if you want a good score. I think there's a limit to the amount of deaths you can have, like eventually you get a game over, but that's never happened to me so I don't know. You will likely die a lot though, especially in the beginning.
Heh, seems like I have a lot of negative things to say. It's because I'm out of the just-beat-the-game-high and in the after-thoughts state of mind. I can say without a doubt that I'll be replaying this game many times, I already knew I wanted to about a quarter in. Again, it rivals for the place as my favorite game ever, right up there with The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Remember I haven't played EarthBound yet, so I can't actually list it as a favorite). If it weren't for some dumb plot issues and its unpolished qualities, I'd give it a 10 out of 10. In fairness, I'll give it a 9.5 out of 10.
I can say its saving graces would be its characters. They're all so distinct and lovable. They have a fantastic dynamic with each other. There's also the incredible soundtrack, lots of extra content, and plenty of fun unlockables. It's so colorful and the art style makes every character attractive, they're all gorgeous and adorable. Like, if I had a choice, I'd make reality look like this game. I've gotta say, the story is great, too. I cried at a real sad part, no joke.
I should warn that you can't be too critical while playing this game. It tries to be as fair as it can while still being challenging. The humor and style is like super sentai, so it's very cheesy like Power Rangers or Sailor Moon intentionally. It seems stupid on the surface, but it's all about parodying super sentai shows.
One of the reasons I like it so much is the way it's so immense and gargantuan. I've always loved the idea of excessively chaotic events (hopefully not happening in reality), that for lack of a better analogy, are like the events of nine-eleven multiplied by a thousand. You know, absurdly large things causing unimaginable calamity. And, that's exactly what goes on in this game. Everything is huge and intense, it's breath-taking. I noticed my love of immense chaos when I was a kid watching a zombie movie at a friend's house, and her mom said, "Gosh, it's so chaotic!" and I was just thinking to myself how completely tame it was. Like, there was hardly anything even going on and this woman was just so overwhelmed. You wanna see chaos? The Wonderful 101, sis. My thirst for chaotic imagery doesn't get quenched often, thankfully there's some good action games and movies out there, but The Wonderful 101 is really the scale I was looking for. Heart-pounding, eye-watering, sweat-breaking adrenalin! With awesome music and characters to boot!
There's also really blatant sequel potential, and there's never been a Hideki Kamiya (the director/writer) game without a sequel, so even though it didn't sell well, I'm expecting a sequel. I'm also more appalled than ever that Wonder Red didn't become a Smash Bro. Like, holy crap, he deserves it so bad (although Mewtwo became Smash 4 DLC, even though he was already featured as a trophy, so maybe Red has a chance to be DLC, too?).
........ God, it was just so damn good. Best game ever, omg. So satisfied. Now I can finally start a Mr. Wedgewood ask blog on Tumblr.

Also, I will start featuring "TF2-Heavy" in my journal signature thing since I've been appointed as a contributor.
... Yeah, I'm a big Heavy Weapons Guy fan, too, if you didn't know.

:star: commissions OPEN


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