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So I'm working on a fanfiction for the first time in ages. The last one I wrote was a troll fic about Storm Hawks that I only wrote because I was pissed Cartoon Network stopped airing it in favor of Johnny Test. I think it's still in my gallery, actually. It's stupid.
But anyway, I just thought it was interesting that this new fanfic I'm working on is over 3000 words now. It's the longest fanfic I've seen in a while. I don't anticipate posting it on dA, but maybe It's a The Wonderful 101 fanfic, of course. I anticipated keeping it a secret because I'm really self-conscious about my writing. I've always been made-fun-of for it, so writing is kinda something I gave up on for the most part a while back. Still, I like what I've written so far and it would be a shame not to share it with at least one person after spending so much time on it.

So, last night I spent hours just working on brainstorming for this doll I anticipate making. I filled two pages of my sketchbook with notes. This might not be something I can finish in a few months, it could take a few years... If I were to work diligently on it, I could get it done quickly, but there are many new skills I will have to learn as well as new materials I have little experience with. I'm currently working on a fursuit partial based off my bombay, Bolero. Even though I can sculpt a fursuit head myself, I decided to purchase one of Dream Vision Creations' (DVC) resin bases. I've only done balaclava base before and I wanted a hands-on experience with what a resin base is capable of. Unfortunately, not sculpting the head myself makes me feel pretty unfulfilled. Part of the fun of wearing a costume is knowing I made it myself. I'm making all the other parts of the costume myself, though, such as the paws and tail. Or, at least sewing and sculpting them myself, it's not like I make the fur fabric myself, I buy that.
I anticipate doing a review of DVC after completing my suit. I've bought quite a few other things from them before, in fact every fursuit I've made has had something DVC in it.

I don't recall if I've said this in a previous journal, but I had to call-off going to Furry Weekend Atlanta this year due to sudden, unexpected expenses.
I've never been to FWA, or any furry convention for that matter, so I'm pretty sad. Eh, at least I have more time to finish my new fursuit.
Which reminds me, I am no longer in possession of either of my old fursuits. I sold Glameow, and while I was living with my mom for about a year, my dad's house ended up with a mouse problem and they decided to made a nest inside Persian's head. So, I ended up throwing Persian out despite the sentimental value. No big deal, I have photos of Persian anyway.

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United States
Previous account: freband88

Just doing as I please, following what I believe is right.
I am working to improve my skills in sewing, pencil drawing, 3D design, costuming, and general craft making. I use DeviantART as a journal to keep track of my progress.

My Tumblr:

Current Residence: Alabama

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