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  • Listening to: Andrea Bocelli
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I'm crying right now, tears of joy. Salty, tasty tears of joy.
I'm just thinking about how much I love men.
Men are just so fantastic, they're the most beautiful things in the world. I wish I could grow a mustache, have tiny, narrow hips and wide shoulders like a man. That lovely upside-down triangle shape they have, it's just wonderful. Even the tubby, sweaty ones that wear trucker hats and stained jeans. Even the ones with absolutely no sense of style, the ones who wear white pants with black shoes, the ones who wear graphic-Ts in their 40's.
To be manly is to be honorable, to self-sacrifice for the sake of the community and their loved ones.
I love their deep voices. Not all of them have deep voices, but just being the voice of a man makes it beautiful. I love the songs men write, the way they sing. Somehow, much of developed society has this belief that men have few feelings, but listen to their music and try to tell me that again. I love the way they love, sometimes being so passionate that they get violent and punch the walls. The poor things. No one deserves to be forced into that level of fury, but if I were a victim of paternity fraud, I'd be pretty angry too. If I were denied my right to see my child because my (hypothetical) wife took everything in the divorce and brainwashed my child to hate me, I'd be pretty angry too.
Why isn't it November so I can tell everyone National Men's Day is coming up? Damn it.
I love the male gender so much. I wish I could just hold them all in my arms and tell them it'll be alright. Maybe if we're a bit nicer to them, they'll be nicer, too.

... Anyway, I've noticed I've lost the attention of my fans lately.
I've decided I need to step-up my game and try harder on my artwork to earn them back and some newcomers.
So, I will be doing more digital paintings soon. Unfortunately, all I really want to paint is men, and no one seems to be a fan of that.
Maybe if I drew adorable animals instead...
I don't plan to. Although I have a nice EarthBound: Zero idea in mind...

My family has been quite well lately. My grandfather was recently taken to the hospital due to tremors. He caught pneumonia, which can be very serious in elders. He more or less appears to be doing alright now, though. I guess he's on antibiotics.
My father is going to be doing a seminar on video production. A few of them, actually. He's been in the business for, what, 30 something years? Heck, I'd love to have him as a teacher. I'm very excited about it.

... You know, I was nearly jumping out of my socks when I heard about the remakes of Pokémon: Ruby and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. But, even after getting the remake of Ruby the moment it came out, I still haven't beaten it. And, I haven't even obtained the new Majora's Mask yet.
It's just, The Wonderful 101 satisfies all my video game needs. I don't feel the need to play any others, it fulfills me. Playing Ruby is a chore now, and it amazes me because the third gen of Pokémon was my favorite. I mean, the sixth is now, but still. I mean, I don't like the remixed music in the remake, it doesn't feel the same, all the character is gone...

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United States
Previous account: freband88

Just doing as I please, following what I believe is right.
I am working to improve my skills in sewing, pencil drawing, 3D design, costuming, and general craft making. I use DeviantART as a journal to keep track of my progress.

My Tumblr:

Current Residence: Alabama

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