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I was woken up by my father this morning at about 3:30 am. He needed me to take him to the hospital.
I drove him to the emergency room.
Thankfully, I had to get up at 5 anyway to get ready for work. He was in terrible pain, but it's just a kidney stone. He's had a history of kidney stones, and it looks like after all these years, they've come back. Back in the day, we survived off my mother's medical insurance, which I think she got for free since she worked for the hospital. Unfortunately, she retired and we don't have those sorts of benefits anymore. So, we're expecting a tremendous medical bill to come.
Heh, just the day before, my father had to borrow money from me to pay a bill. Well, this sucks.
I've read that kidney stones are caused by dehydration. Drink plenty of water.

I feel awfully lonely lately, but I'm conflicted because I don't really enjoy attention. Just making light conversation with a friend is stressful. I'm such a perfectionist that I'm constantly anxious of saying the wrong thing, or having difficulty communicating. I'm just sad. I haven't drawn much in a while.
But, I do have quite a few projects in line.
I'm working on another fursuit. This time it's not a Pokémon. It's actually of my cat, Bolero. I anticipate completing it before Furry Weekend Atlanta ("FWA"), which is a furry convention in April. It'll be my first time going to that con, or any furry con for that matter, so I'm pretty excited. Thing is, I'm really only interested in the costumes, not really anything else in the furry fandom, so I'm not so sure there will be much for me to enjoy there. Some of my favorite artists will be there, though. I'm pretty hyped to meet them.
I'm working on a cosplay of Luka Alan Smithee, of The Wonderful 101. I really love his design, and so far the cosplay is looking adorable. It's currently on hiatus while I work on my fursuit because of the fursuit's tight deadline. I plan on getting Luka done sometime after FWA, but before mid May.
I'm planning a small doll of Mr. Wedgewood as well, not quite of the scale of intricacy as my Ninten and Ness dolls, just a little one. I hope to have him done before September.
I've recorded and edited the audio for a video about my Ness doll. It'll be done probably within the next couple of months. I just installed our copy of Sony Vegas 6.0 on my computer, but it's not very cooperative with MP4s, and it's just not all too compatible with my much newer hardware, so it tends to lag and crash. We really need a newer version of Vegas. The one we're hoping to get is, like, $800 according to my brother's research (at least the package he wants to get). We'd all really benefit from new software. Come to think of it, I don't know what my father uses to edit his documentaries... It doesn't look like Vegas 6.0...
I might still use Windows Movie Maker for my Ness doll video just because Vegas 6.0 is so incompatible, it's like a little old man scooting along with a walker.

I'm getting annoyed with my job. They keep piling on dumb, petty rules that give us less and less control. I'm kinda a control freak and live my life like numbers. It bothers me heavily when something doesn't go by the book. A lot of the other crew members come up with their own ways of doing things, which would be okay if it weren't for the fact that maintaining the standard is so important. We mix coffee at my job, and putting something in in the wrong order can change the way a drink tastes. The issue is, even if we think it tastes better made a certain way, it's not company standard. If someone comes to our store and orders a drink, then they go to another store of the same chain in another state and order the same drink, they expect it to taste the same. If we decide to butter it up with our own flare, that goes against standard, and is to be discouraged regardless of any improvement in the drink. We don't hold the authority to choose how our drinks are made, that's up to corporate to mandate. It's a huge pet peeve of mine when a crew member makes a drink that deviates drastically from the standard. It's just a chaotic free-for-all, and it bothers me knowing a guest will come in, order a drink, and come back another day, order the same drink and have it taste completely different. It also brings my piss to a boil when a crew member doesn't stir the drink enough. The flavors we add tend to settle at the bottom if we don't stir them enough, and it's plainly visible. If it's not stirred enough, the guest could end up with a mouthful of straight flavor, which doesn't taste good on it's own. They might confuse the whole drink for tasting that way, and not realize it was just poorly mixed, and end up disappointed. Disappointing people is something I cannot stand. Earlier today, I was at work, and a couple of ladies in the drive-through were giving me tough time. I tried as hard as I could to please them, but they didn't have just one stick up their ass, they had a whole tree trunk up there. I managed to truck through it though, but I was so stressed that I was shaking. I run the constant risk of upsetting a guest everyday at work, and it's really draining.
I'm contemplating quitting and getting a job at a pet supply store. I've been trying to work at a pet supply store for years, but they just won't hire me. Maybe now that I have more work experience, I'll have a better chance. I currently have amazing co-workers though (even though they don't follow the rules, like I said before), and I wouldn't want to lose them. My totally awesome boss transferred to another store, though, so now I have a less awesome boss, which is another reason why I'm considering quitting. Well, discounts on cat food are a lot more useful than discounts on coffee and donuts...

I've been trying to change my lifestyle. I'm sick of constantly checking Tumblr and DeviantArt all day. I really only need to check them once or twice daily. I want to be more active, so I've been attempting to develop the habit of taking a daily walk. I've never been an active person, so taking daily walks and avoiding the computer is all I'm really aiming for. Sometimes it's hard to go on walks with a weird, unpredictable schedule like mine, though. My hours at work are not stable, although I usually work mornings.
To motivate myself to go for walks everyday, I've actually considered getting a dog...
I'm first and foremost a cat person, and I'm working on training Bolero to walk on a leash. But, walking a cat is pretty different from walking a dog. Walking with the pack is part of a dog's basic instinct. Fish swim, birds fly, dogs walk. It's their natural instinct to migrate with their pack, and walking them feeds that instinct. Dogs can actually become neurotic if their instincts aren't met. I mean, I kinda have a dog, he's my dad's dog, but I don't really have much to do with his life. Maybe now that my dad is nearly bed-ridden from pain, I should walk his dog myself.
I'm thinking about volunteering at an animal shelter to get more experience with dogs. I'm not so sure... It's like, a cat can lick me and it's fine, but a dog licking me is gross. I love the way cats smell, but not dogs. I hate the way dogs drool and don't like their heads touching me, but hey, maybe with enough exposure, I'll get over it.

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